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Making Green Routine

New technologies have begun to clean up the cleaning business. As part of our commitment to giving back to our community, we’ve adopted every appropriate technology and technique to make our business as green as possible! 

-- We’ve made a major investment in a new dry cleaning system that cleans more efficiently and uses an earth-friendly solvent.

-- We clean using a wet cleaning process instead of dry clean whenever appropriate, saving energy and minimizing the use of even environmentally safe solvents.

-- We use customized Segway Personal Transporter—the ECO (Edina Cleaners Orbit)—for home delivery whenever possible. It’s cool, quiet, and easy on Mother Nature.

-- We recycle everything we can: all hangers (including other cleaners’ hangers), all plastic, all paper and anything currently recyclable.

-- We offer our reusable Greener Cleaner Guardian Garment Bag, which helps to eliminate earth-harming plastic from the system.

-- We encourage the use of our Home Delivery Service. Like car-pooling, this minimizes the miles traveled and gas burned by our customers.

-- We collect used coats that would otherwise be discarded and that are in good condition and donate them to those in need. Drop your old coats off with your dry cleaning and we’ll do the rest!

Green Ideas?

We are constantly on the look out for more and better ways to be The Greener Cleaner. Your suggestions are always welcome! 

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