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VIP Dry Cleaning Service in Edina, MN

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Drop & Go Red Bag Express Service

Skip the line! Join our Red Bag Express Service and make dropping off and picking up your clothing simple and slick. With an easy, one-time fee of $8, you save the hassle of waiting in line.

Fill your Red Bag with your laundry & dry cleaning, drop it in the Red Bag bin and get back to your day. Once we've fulfilled your order, we'll send you an email or a text. For added convenience, we can save your preferred credit card, so that you can saunter in, retrieve your clothing and head straight out. As you stroll or sprint in and back out, we'll wave!

Contact us today to request your Red Bag!

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Guardian Garment Bag

Look great in green! Eliminate earth-harming plastic from the dry cleaning & laundering process with our reusable Greener Cleaner Guardian Garment Bag, For a one-time fee of only $10, you get a lifetime of environmentally friendly cleaning.

Fill your reusable garment bag with dirty clothes, drop it off with us, and pick it up once it's full of clean, beautiful clothing. Save Mother Earth from a dose of nasty plastic every time you drop of your dry cleaning!

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 today to request your Greener Cleaner Garment Bag!

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