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About Edina Cleaners

Lee Stotts is the third generation of our family to bring premium cleaning and laundering services to the communities in and around Edina. Since 1952, we have served the neighborhoods around us with dedication and delight. Our staff is committed to providing the ideal of gracious & friendly service to every customer, just as if you were part of our family.

Over the years, Edina Cleaners & Launderers have given back to our community in many ways. One of our proudest activities is helping each generation of young people to grow and play through our support of local sports teams. When local businesses help with the cost of extra curricular activities, the family budget goes a bit farther. The Stotts family has raised children in the area, so we are especially aware of how important it is for everyone to contribute to such activities.

We also support our community by helping to preserve it for future generations. Through our Greener Cleaner initiatives, we seek ways to make our business practices more eco-friendly. From lower-impact delivery options to reusable garment bags, we do our part to sustain the environment for all of our children.

These are just a few of the ways that we support our community!

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